Workshop with journalists registered to the Data Journalism Training Program run by Dataninja, partner in the European Data Journalism Network (EdjNet).
The webinar provides a beginner-friendly introduction on how to analyse corruption risk in public procurement through data. Dimitri Bettoni (DCU team) explored with EdjNet the opportunity to have such event and he contributed to the organisation of the workshop. During the workshop, Davide Del Monte (infonodes) introduces the topic of data journalism investigating corruption, then Niccolò Salvini (UniPg) provides a demonstration the coreSoi package for R workings, an innovative tool that data journalists can use to investigate corruption risks in their country using cutting-edge technologies. The CORESOI team is actively looking for journalists to test their coreSoi package and provide feedback, so seize the chance to get a sneak peek into this powerful tool.

Registration of the workshop uploaded to YouTube: