CO.R.E aims at developing and validating a replicable procedure for computing and cross-processing public procurement data to enhance earlier detection of corruption risk and fostering a stronger evidence base for policy reform, by serving primarily anti-corruption Authorities and law enforcement agencies, but also journalists and the general public, the citizenship for accountability objectives.

It develops and analysis of the legal framework of procurement data and identify the role of data in public procurement integrity in the participating countries and at EU level. To do so, a research at national and European levels is carried out, with the following specific objective:

  • To identify data procurement quality requirements at national and EU level
  • To analyse data reusability legal regulation at national and EU level
  • To examine data interoperability technical and legal framework
  • To assess data limitations and their impact on public procurement integrity.
  • To contribute, with the help of relevant stakeholders, to National and European strategies,actions in answer to the Paris Declaration.